"Before Bridge: 1. No social interaction with peers. 2. Can't express herself. 3. Dependent on parents.

After: 1. Learn to play with peers; take initiative to greet strangers. 2. Able to express her needs; improvement in her expressive language. 3. More independent." - Doris Wu Pey Ying (Parent of Shanice)


"My son's gross motor skill development has made significant progress and he is starting to interact with other kids as well." - Yong Kok Wah (Parent of Gerald)


"Bridge Learning is fun and has a very dedicated team of teachers. My son has a good learning progress on him. Teacher Kim always stay cheerful and positive to Man Zi. He enjoys so much here. Would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank You" to all of the teachers here." - Chew Lock Kee (Parent of Man Zi)


"You Xuan has shown great improvement after attending Bridge Learning. Words are not enough to express my emotion with regards to You Xuan progress. Teachers are kind and helpful. They always gave me feedback on my son's progress. I am happy with Bridge Learning centre. A big thanks to all the teachers there." - Chua Hong Heok (Parent of You Xuan)


“It is almost 6 months my son has been enrolled on the program. We are impressed by his progress. The skills which Bridge Learning Teachers has used were highly efficient and delivered the objectives of the programme. We thank Bridge Learning for providing such nurturing environment for children. I would like to express my appreciation and extend my thanks to the Teacher Poh Ling and Shu Ning for their efforts spent on my son." - Lakshmi Chikkam (Parent of Sriansh)


"For the longest time, I struggled with my son, Fabian, who at 3.5 years old, was unable to recognise a single letter in the alphabet even though he attended phonics class and nursery. After a Diagnostic Assessment session, I felt relieved to know that this inability was not due to laziness but to Auditory Processing Difficulties. With the IEP that Fabian is enrolled in, he has improved tremendously in his recognition of alphabet and numbers and is now more interested in school. Thanks to the dedication of Teachers in Bridge Learning, Fabian is doing well!” – Geraldine Tan (Parent of Fabian Junior)


“Both Ethan & Elgin were not taught phonics. Though they were able to read to a certain extent, they had difficulty in spelling. After attending the IEP for a few months, their school teacher and myself saw how they tried to use phonics in reading and also in their spelling. Their teacher was very pleased in their improvement in reading skills and they were able to spell most words without any difficulty.” – Tan Mei Mei (Parent of Ethan and Elgin)


“Within a short period, we could see a change in Kaitlyn as a more cheerful, happier and confident child. She is still shy… but at least she could order her own food & ask for help at McDonald's. We really appreciate the efforts of all her teachers, their genuine care, commitment and love for her. Many thanks to the customer service officer too for always keeping Kaitlyn occupied while she waits to be picked up.” – June Ang (Parent of Kaitlyn)


“Samuel has shown improvement on his behaviour and vocabulary. It is a great leap from the time he first joined Bridge Learning. He can ask questions and able to express his emotions better. I would like to thank all the teachers and staff for helping to create a friendly & conducive environment for learning.”– Maisie (Parent of Samuel)


“Eason looks forward to go to Bridge Learning every weekend. He really enjoys it because the early intervention specialists are very patient with him and always there to guide and helping him to improve. I have seen improvement in terms of his social interactions with others and he is more conscious of his behaviour now. In fact, his teacher's feedback this year is that he is quite well behaved and coping well in school. Thanks to all the staff at Bridge Learning.” – Sylvia (Parent of Eason)


“To me, Wan Yi's current development and progress is a miracle! Initially, he could not talk and express himself at all. After one year of having lessons in Bridge Learning, he improved tremendously. Wan Yi can speak and express what he wants better with more eye contact with the family. His kindergarten teachers and principal has also commented on his improvements in school. He has picked up learning like all other children in his class as well.” – Mr Tang (Parent of Wan Yi)


“A year in Bridge Learning was a good experience. Aydin is growing up well into a confident and smart boy. I was on a lookout for his angels to support him and I saw one in his early intervention specialist! Thank you Bridge Learning for bringing out the best in my son.” – Mr Rahman (Parent of Aydin)


“Bridge Learning provides a fantastic curriculum to get children to improve tremendously. We would recommend to every parent.” – Shara (Parent of Shawaiz)